While some spiders are not dangerous, there are spiders that can hurt you that live in Coral Gables, Florida area. Some people hate spiders because of a phobia, others want to get rid of spiders for personal or for health reasons.

Whatever you want we can help you get rid of any Coral Gables spiders you might find. There are two main types of poisonous Coral Gables spiders.

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Brown Recluse Removal in Coral Gables, Florida

The Brown Recluse that you’ll find in the Coral Gables isn’t very large and actually it is uncommon for it to be in Florida at all, however we wanted to address it just to be safe in case you find one.

The Brown recluse is about an inch long and it is golden-brown and has a black line on its back. Normally brown recluse spiders are found in basements, sheds, closets, garages, and wood piles.

Black Widow Removal in Coral Gables, Florida

Almost everyone has heard of a Black Widow spider. If, however, you haven’t seen a Black Widow or are not familiar with it that is okay. A Black Widow spider has a red hourglass on its underside. There are actually three different types of widow spiders found in Coral Gables, Florida area. The three types are:

  • Southern Black Widow
  • Red Widow Spider
  • Brown Widow Spider

If you are bitten by any of these spider seeks immediate medical attention as all of these can cause serious harm or injury if left untreated.

If you see one of these spiders you should contact us immediately. Many times it is not difficult to kill a spider, but there can be other spiders that are not easy to find. Contact Pest Control of Coral Gables immediately.