Do you have a rodent problem? Pest Control of Coral Gables provides rodent control and rodent elimination. Most people don’t like rodents even as pets. And those people who do like rodents as pets probably don’t want them running wild in their home.

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If you have seen a mouse lately chances are it is not alone. Rarely do rodents live in a house, business, or property by themselves. Another problem with rodents is often times they carry diseases. This is a good reason to utilize rodent control immediately if you suspect you have a rodent problem.

Some of the diseases rodents have been known to carry include Lassa Fever, Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, and more. Now this doesnt guarantee you will get sick, but it is a good reason not to delay and to call an exterminator for proper rodent control immediately.

Another thing you need to be informed of is how the rodents got into your house to begin with. There are many different ways, but one of the most common is by squeezing through cracks in your house. Mice and most rodents only need a little bit of room to wiggle through. Mice can squeeze through an area as small as a nickel. Once in they will bring their friends and family, creating a larger problem.

Another problem with having rodents in Coral Gables is that rodents can chew through wood and walls. This can cause expensive damage to your house, and make catching the rodents extremely difficult.

If you are currently experiencing a rodent problem and live or have a property in or around the Coral Gables area then contact us immediately. Wed be happy to take time to answer your questions and help you solve your rodent problem!