If you live in or around the Coral Gables area and need cockroach treatments we can help. Nobody wants to have cockroaches, and if you do find yourself having cockroaches here are some facts you should know.

There are two main types of cockroaches you will find in the Coral Gables area.

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Coral Gables Cockroaches: The American Cockroach

If you live in an area that has lots of trees, then you will probably have hollow trees close by. Normally American Cockroaches will live and nest in these hollow trees. Sometimes these cockroaches can get in to your home through the small cracks of your home by loose-fitting windows, holes where wires come into your house, or sometimes they come in through the pipes that come into your house. These cockroaches are not the type that instantly hide when you turn on the light. We can easily and quickly treat American cockroaches. We also can show you areas you need to fix to prevent you from getting these cockroaches again.

Coral Gables Cockroaches: The German Cockroach

German cockroaches are the other main type of cockroach you will come across. The German cockroaches are about a half-inch long, and they have wings on them when they are fully grown. These cockroaches can lay eggs and these eggs can hatch in 2-4 days. This means these cockroaches can multiply extremely fast and within a few days you could have up to hundreds of cockroaches. German cockroaches are actually afraid of light and are active at night. If you see one normally it will be in an area where there is warmth and sometimes moisture. German cockroaches are difficult to kill with normal chemicals, so we recommend you contact us immediately for a proper cockroach extermination.

Cockroaches can carry lots of diseases including Salmonella and Typhoid, so if you see on contact us as soon as possible. We will send one of our Coral Gables Cockroach exterminators to your house or business right away.