With all the international travel, used furniture changing hands, and other factors in place bed bugs are on the rise and Coral Gables, Florida is no exception. We’ve been hearing a lot of new cases about bed bugs lately. If you have think you have bed bugs and live in the Coral Gables are and are looking for the correct treatment Pest Control of Coral Gables is the place to call.

Bed Bug Control in Coral Gables FL

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Getting bitten by bed bugs is painful and the symptoms can be rashes on skin, emotional problems, allergic symptoms, and trouble sleeping. For most people just the thought of being bitten by bugs while asleep is scary.

Removing bed bugs in Coral Gables, Florida is not a simple process because bed bugs can be tricky to find. Bed bugs normally only come out at night, so they can be tricky to find because they tend to hide in a bed or in the dark crevices of a mattress. If you think you have bed bugs one thing you can do is examine your mattress for fecal matter, look for blood smears on sheets, and of course examine your skin for any rashes or bites.

If you think you have a bed bug problem then contact Pest Control of Coral Gables. We will take the time to discuss your situation and answer all your questions thoroughly and help you with your Coral Gables bed bug extermination.