Do you have a rodent problem? Pest Control of Coral Gables provides rodent control and rodent elimination. Most people don’t like rodents even as pets. And those people who do like rodents as pets probably don’t want them running wild in their home. If you have seen a mouse lately chances are it is not… Read More

While some spiders are not dangerous, there are spiders that can hurt you that live in Coral Gables, Florida area. Some people hate spiders because of a phobia, others want to get rid of spiders for personal or for health reasons. Whatever you want we can help you get rid of any Coral Gables spiders… Read More

If you live in or around the Coral Gables area and need cockroach treatments we can help. Nobody wants to have cockroaches, and if you do find yourself having cockroaches here are some facts you should know. There are two main types of cockroaches you will find in the Coral Gables area. Coral Gables Cockroaches:… Read More

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